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Exit and Emergency Lighting Install, Design and Maintenance: Image

Emergency Lighting Testing, Repairs and Certification

Did you know, regular emergency lighting testing and inspections are mandatory for commercial buildings in Sydney?

Emergency lights and exit signs for buildings are crucial for fire safety. As you know, when a fire starts, panic sets in. A distinct, illuminated path can save seconds during an emergency. In a smoky hallway in which the visibility of a door might be obscured, an exit sign directs you through the building, outside to safety. Emergency lights are most effective when used in conjunction with a planned evacuation procedure. A plan helps staff or family know where the safe meeting point is and the safest exit route to that point.

> All escape routes, including external ones, must have sufficient lighting for people to see their way out safely in accordance with Article 14 (2)(h) of the Fire Safety Order and AS2293.1/.2.

> Emergency lighting can be adapted to a variety of premises either standalone or as a fully monitored system. We make buildings safe by lighting escape routes and allowing for safe movement towards the fire exits.

Emergency lighting also makes sure that fire alarm call points and fire-fighting equipment are clearly visible.

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Exit and Emergency Lighting Install, Design and Maintenance: Service
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