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Our work comprehensively complies with Australian Standards

We pride ourselves on our responsibility to our clients through safe and sound work practices. We complete all our work within the Australian Standards, Acts and Regulations.* Not only that, we complete ongoing learning and development through recognised registered training organisations and apply all the available safe work systems and self-regulation in our work practices. Our industry association, the National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA), supports and guides us on all matters related to the delivery of electrical services.

We use licenced electricians for electrical work and provide a Certificate of Compliance – Electrical Work (CCEW) as required by the NSW Office of Fair Trading for all completed works. We also notify all the relevant regulatory bodies. Our team tests all work to the 'Wiring Rules' and we calibrate our test equipment yearly.

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CTS Electrics 2 Pty Ltd undertakes wiring work to a high standard and complies with several New South Wales Legislative Acts and Regulations as part of the NSW electrical contracting licence requirements including various electrical wiring standards. Read more

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