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Switchboard Installation and Maintenance: List

Switchboard Installation and Maintenance

CTS Electrics 2 provides comprehensive maintenance to all low-voltage electrical switchboards. From routine cleaning and inspection through to full annual maintenance inspections. We carry out all our works in accordance with AS 2487-2008 and AS 3000.

When we complete a switchboard maintenance program, we isolate the switchboard and any downstream equipment. We also regularly inspect Transfer Switches and surge protection devices for degradation.

CTS Electrics 2 also uses specialised injection testers, 5kV insulation testers and micro-ohm meters to check air circuit breakers [ACB], moulded case circuit breakers [MCCB] and verify all cables and connections are within manufacturer specifications.

We will work with you to develop a test and maintenance plan to maintain your switchboards while minimising the impact of this necessary maintenance on your customer's operations.

Switchboard Installation and Maintenance: Service
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