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Thermal Scanning and Reports

Attention to Detail

Our Thermal Scanning and Reporting service uses specially designed infrared video or still cameras to reveal surface heat variations. These Thermograms detect abnormally hot, blocked or overloaded electrical systems which may be at risk of failure. They also expose unusual heat patterns in mechanical systems created by excessive friction, among a number of other safety-related and economical applications.

Thermal Scanning and Reporting is a noninvasive operation.


We know how to look ahead into future. By thoroughly inspecting your production and processing equipment and controls, we can pinpoint faulty areas that may cause severe future damage. If allowed to run its course, these faults could be very costly and time-consuming to correct. A simple part replacement is often all that is needed to prevent a major future repair expense.


We use Thermographic Imaging to see what the naked eye cannot. What appears to be a fully functioning and operational piece of equipment, system or installation could in fact be on the verge of a catastrophic failure. This is especially true of older systems, which have a higher incidence of wear and tear. We can tell you ahead of time.


As any business owner knows, down time is costly and can be frustrating for everyone waiting for the electricity to come back on. You can avoid this pitfall by scheduling regular thermographic inspections to see and correct a problem before it shuts down your entire operation.


We reduce the risk of personal injury by implementing a reliable safety program that includes regular thermographic testing.


By isolating areas in your structure that are vulnerable to heat and energy loss, we take steps to create a more energy-efficient operation. This approach is good for the environment as well as the customer's pocket.


We analyse the quality and quantity of your Power Usage with high tech instrumentation. Using this data, we recommend Energy saving strategies, such as the use of Power Factor Correction, VSD, and control.

Afterall, energy costs are one of your customer's biggest overheads. So, we monitor usage and reduce cost.

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